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PET Scan, The Helpful Scanning Tool in Diagnosis

A PET scan in full form is positron emission tomography. It is a diagnostic imaging technique. This technique helps produce details scan images of your internal organs and tissues. PET scan generally utilises a safe and injectable radioactive chemical. This radioactive chemical is known as radiotracer or contrast medium.

The scan images produced by the PET scan help detect certain diseases. These diseased cells tend to absorb more amounts of this radioactive tracer. The amount of radioactive tracer absorbed by the cells helps indicate the presence of any potential health problem. The best PET scan centre near you will help in the diagnosis of cancer. It also helps assess the efficiency of cancer treatment. The PET scan can help diagnose various cancers including the Brain, heart, lung, breast, cervical, colorectal, oesophagal, head and neck, prostate, lymphatic system, skin, pancreatic, and thyroid. The tracer used by the PET scan is FDG which gets absorbed by the body cells. This tracer is basically a sugar. Highly active cells tend to absorb more of this tracer. Which eventually reflects on the scan, showing high metabolic function. The cancer cells are more active and absorb more tracer than normal cells. This is how the PET scan helps differentiate normal cells from cancerous cells.

Other uses of the scan are that they can be used to 

  • Detect Coronary artery disease, 
  • Diagnose heart attack 
  • Determine other heart problems.
  • Find out Brain disorders including brain tumors 
  • Visualise epilepsy cause 
  • To know the potential cause of dementia 
  • Alzheimer’s disease reason can be evaluated.

The PET scan is often combined with other scan techniques including CT scan or MRI scan and is known as a hybrid technique namely PET-CT and PET-MRI scan. These hybrid techniques are helpful unyielding more detailed information on the current situation of the individual. The Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Centre will help you with a convenient, accurate and precise diagnostic report.

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