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How to Overcome Internet Interruptions while Playing Games

Playing games is really fun, especially when you can play with friends, spending time playing with friends can reduce stress, currently there are many popular games that can be played alone or with friends, there are many choices of games and various genres, but what often happens when playing games is experiencing network interference, this is what makes the game less enjoyable, in this article we will discuss how to overcome common internet interference that usually occurs when playing games.

  1. Choose the right internet provider

The main thing when you want to play games smoothly is of course to choose the right provider, before subscribing, make sure you have surveyed several internet service providers, don’t be fooled by cheap subscription prices with high speeds, also make sure you always look at good reviews from other users. , providing good internet services is by providing reasonable price and service packages. And also has fast and responsive disruption service.

  1. Using a Cable Network

A good internet connection is one that uses an ethernet cable, playing games that rely on a responsive and stable network obviously requires using a cable. Don’t use a Wi-Fi connection to prevent the connection from experiencing lag.

  1. Optimize Router

When you install Wi-Fi of course you will get a router, this tool is small and very important in delivering an internet network, what you have to do is choose a good router placement, place it in a place that is easy to reach, don’t be blocked by objects and don’t be blocked by walls. Also make sure to avoid placing the router in damp places and away from hot places.

  1. Close a number of running applications

Make sure before you want to open heavy applications, always see if there are any applications running in the background. Applications running in the background can eat up bandwidth and slow down your internet connection. Before starting to play, close all unnecessary applications, especially applications that require an internet connection such as video streaming or large downloads. This is especially important when playing connection-sensitive games.

  1. Using a VPN

When you experience an unstable connection, VPN can be a temporary solution. Apart from that, VPN can protect your identity and privacy and avoid internet provider throttling. However, an improper VPN can also slow down your internet connection. Choose a VPN that is specifically designed for gaming needs with fast and stable servers. Also make sure to choose a server that is located close to your game server to reduce latency and lag.

  1. Monitor Bandwidth Usage

Uncontrolled bandwidth use can cause internet connections to slow down. Monitor bandwidth usage in your home and make sure no devices are using excessive bandwidth while you play. If necessary, limit internet use on other devices while playing games.

  1. Perform an Internet Speed Test

When you want to play your favourite game, do a speed test regularly to make sure your connection is good enough. Many websites and applications can be used to measure internet speed. Make sure the download and upload speed meet the minimum requirements of the game you are playing. For games that require a fast response, such as shooting games, moba games, and also the kakek merah slot gambling game, stable speed is very important to ensure a smooth playing experience.

  1. Updating Software and Hardware

Don’t forget that if you often play games, make sure all the software you use, including the computer operating system, drivers and the game itself, is always ready to be updated if available. Updates usually include bug fixes and performance improvements that can help resolve connection issues. In addition, hardware such as modems and routers also need to be updated if they are outdated or unable to support higher internet speeds.

  1. Use Fast DNS

Sometimes in Wi-Fi there is also DNS, pay attention if there is a slow DNS server this can slow down your internet connection. If you are interested, you can consider using a public DNS that is known to be fast, such as Google DNS or OpenDNS. Changing DNS can improve response time and reduce latency when playing online games.

If you are still experiencing problems when playing games, another option that you can try is to change to a much better service provider. You can also consider choosing an optical cable because optical cables are also a new breakthrough in increasing internet speed.

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